Zcash: pros and cons

New cryptocurrency features: Zcash vs Monero

The most promising after Bitcoin are considered crypto-currencies with higher anonymity, that is, currencies, transaction participants with which it is difficult to track. And among them there are Zcash charts. Attention deserves not only the mechanism by which confidentiality is achieved, but also several other advantages of this crypto currency.


The owner of ZCash can decide whether to be hidden or open, using a hidden or public address to transfer the currency accordingly. And, if a hidden address is selected, the transaction will be truly anonymous. That’s because ZCash is based on a zero-disclosure protocol, which assumes that transaction confirmation does not require decryption of their data. On the public block, only the fact of payment is reflected – its time stamp, but the addresses of the sender and the receiver are hidden, as well as the transfer amount. On the reliability of encryption, this crypto currency is superior to others, including Bitcoin, and second only to Dash, using a more confusing method.


All units of ZCash are interchangeable, that is, they are equivalent because the coin connection with data about its previous use is broken. The interchangeability of ZEC makes this currency more interesting than the same bitcoins and other crypto-currencies with a tracked history, which are only conditionally equivalent. If you honestly acquired BTC were previously stolen, involved in any dirty deeds or belonged to a compromised person, with their further use, problems may arise. Pay with such coins or sell them will be difficult, the same signs of ZCash do not depend on reputation.

Protection against ASIC creation

ZCash is decentralized exchange: used for extraction algorithm blocks ZCashEquihash demanding amount of RAM and makes it impossible or at least very difficult, the creation of mining equipment industry. This means that mining on video cards will remain profitable for ordinary users for a long time. You can’t use Zcash ASIC.

Protection against inflation

Crypto-currencies have a finite number of coins, but some are only conditional, leaving room for further mining, as, for example, Monero. The issue of ZCash is strictly limited to 21 million coins, which protects the currency from depreciation.


Currency launched in October 2016, a little more than 3 million ZEC produced at the beginning of 2018, so that a sufficiently large ZCash of mining potential. Although ZCash rate is subject to fluctuations and, just like most cryptocurrency lost in price in January 2018, as a whole, since its launch, the currency shows growth. In December 2017, the value of this crypto currency doubled.

Statistics on Zcash exchange rate and the market capitalization of ZCash

With all the pluses, there are disadvantages, for example, the market capitalization of ZCash in mid-January 2018 is 1.6 billion dollars. This is slightly compared to other popular crypto-currencies and indicates a lower level of user confidence. But considering the youth and dignity of ZCash, this is unlikely to alienate those wishing to acquire the most anonymous crypto currency.To extract this crypto currency, you can use Zcash CPU miner. On Zcash forum you can find what is it

Disadvantages of ZCash

Zcash block explorer should pay attention to Zcash has its disadvantages, although not much.

  • 6 users can make a decision to leave the transfer data completely open;
  • you need to perform many calculations to complete the transaction;
  • there is a possibility that the system will be hacked, or the users themselves will open the data ZCash supports only the Linux operating system, and until the creators plan to change it;

Zcash price history: principle of operation and features of ZCash

ZCash was created on the basis of Bitcoin Core code, which was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, and which has been successfully used in bitcoin for a long time. Programmers have thus modified the code to change the anonymity protocol. The innovative ZECC system is the solution that helped to create the original code for ZCash. The technology is that the system confirms the transaction, but without information about the account holder, the amount of funds or the balance on the wallet.

Public access to information is closed from outside users. That is, there is no analogue of the “book” in which data about the chains of the blockade are recorded, as it is implemented in bitcoin. The user himself chooses to close the transaction data. If the transaction is performed from the owner of the closed purse to the open purse, information about the amount that is transferred is recorded in the public access. Under other conditions all is on the contrary.

In a short time, ZCash’s crypto currency has become one of the most popular and unique on the market. Today, market capitalization reaches more than $ 1.5 billion, and the value of the currency reaches almost $ 500 per coin. For the price: ZCash ranks 5th among all digital currencies. The ZCash course is different in that it has really high volatility. It is unstable, although it has been growing steadily over the past few months. According to the forecasts of financial analysts, the cost will only increase, as well as interest in the currency.