Monero cryptocurrency

Monero – a currency with open source. What is characteristic is that Monero is not a direct fork of fork, like most other lightcats. It has many distinctive features, namely Monero users, can rest assured of the anonymity of their payments, because all transactions are unrelated. Code Monero has immunity to the analysis of the chain of blocks. Another special feature is protection from double waste coins, equal PoW-confirmation of the block and adaptive parameters.

Recently, Monero’s popularity has grown at times. All this happened thanks to the fact that some of the sites from darknet started to accept this crypto currency. You can read this article here. It is because of this that it is believed that Monero contributes to the illegal market of drug trafficking and child pornography, in the vastness of the same darknet. Although this is not so, after all for the same bitcoins, you can safely buy drugs through other resources, so this is rather a far-fetched minus. Before finishing the article, we will provide you with some more important aspects from the history of Monero. Monero’s Monetary Crypt was created on April 25, 2014, based on the CryptoNote protocol, which makes anonymity of transactions. For philanthropists, for example, the name Monero means “coin” in the translation from the language of Esperanto. In the code of this crypto currency, as in the rest of the others, a limited amount of coins is given, namely, 18.4 million coins. The program for mining runs on a graphics processor (GPU). Another important point in the history of Monero is that in September 2014, they organized a hacker attack, which could not “put” Monero. Please note that the main advantage of this system is maximum anonymity. It turns out that transactions are not related, and therefore it is not possible to track them. Also, the source code has some resistance to the analysis of the general chain of blocks.

Monero crypto currency advantages

Monero occupies the 10th position in the overall ranking of the most popular crypto-currencies. This was facilitated by some distinctive factors:

  • Protection against double waste of the same name coins.
  • Confirmation PoW is completely equal.
  • The mass of adaptive parameters. This means that the system automatically adjusts to the number of users and the load, while choosing the most high-quality parameters for comfortable work.

Popularity in the network of crypto-currencies Monero

You should know that Monero’s popularity and number of users have increased significantly recently. One of the reasons is the fact that in the deep Internet began to actively use this coin.

Darknet, a deep Internet, is not only a treasure trove of various knowledge, but also an ideal environment for the prosperity of illegal activities, for example, the distribution of drugs or prohibited content. Thus, there is an opinion that Montero’s crypto currency directly contributes to the development of illegal cases, as well as their payment. It is unlikely that such statements can be considered justified. Monero is simply replaced by Ether or Bitcoin, so such attacks simply do not make sense.

History of the creation of the Montero crypto currency and Monero price

This crypto currency was released in 2014. It is based on the unique protocol CryptoNote. It is he who essentially increases the anonymity of all actions in the network. The very name Monero has a translation. Esperanto is a coin. Yes, there is a limited edition. It is stated that the final figure of Monero to USD is 18.4 million.
As for Monero mining, it happens due to the use of video cards and their processors. As we already mentioned, the level of security at a sufficiently high level. Literally in the year of issuing crypto currency, they were organized hacking attack. It was unsuccessful, so there are no consequences. You also need Monero mining calculator. Monero calculator is useful tool that allows you to understand the approximate parameters of the profitability of mining. Approximate-as profitability can be influenced by a lot of factors that can not be affected in the profitability calculator of mining. Usage of Monero wallet takes the 11th position in the rating. For one token ask for about 450.77 dollars. The level of capitalization of Monero – USDexceeds 6.98 billion dollars. Please note that at the moment 15.4 million points have been released.

Main features of Monero coin

Monero is anonymous and its transactions are not tracked. In turn, during the transaction, the coins sent to the recipient are redirected through an address that is created randomly for the behavior of the same transaction.In the Monero Protocol, unlike Blockchein, the addresses of the sender and the recipient are not recorded. Therefore, anyone who studies the history of translations will not be able to obtain any data. The platform also has a unique feature, the so-called loopback, which conceals the sources of funds so that they are not tracked to users involved in conducting transactions.

This loopback ensures that each transaction is grouped with other transactions, which means that all transactions are mixed and randomly randomized. In conclusion, Monero has an excellent way of processing transactions by dividing the amounts and then processing each split amount as a separate transaction.