How to buy Monero?

Despite the fact that there are more than 800 different crypto currencies in the world, new ones continue to appear every day. Today’s article will help us understand the new unique payment system, like Monero. It is worth saying that this is not the most popular crypto currency, but it should be shown due interest. Why? You will learn all this in our analysis about Monero: Reddit and other resources give full information!

How did it all begin?

You know, the most interesting thing about crypto-currencies is not only their unique features, but also the history of origin. Monero officially saw the light in 2014, namely on April 18. Initially, it was called Bitmonero. As you guessed it, the name consists of two words, Bit and Monero (coin). While other developers are improving Bitcoin’s code, making their own crypto-currencies, Monero is a system that is built on the protocol of blocking. To be precise, this protocol is called cryptonote. Yes, it’s something new, but the advantages were even appreciated by the market giants, for example, by the same Bitcoin. Vladimir van der Laan personally positively responded to this innovation.

You should know that Monero, after its official release, immediately underwent a hacker attack. Yes, the system recovered, but it was very sudden. At the moment, Monero takes the place in the tens of the most famous crypto currency traded by the whole world. Please note that Monero is still in 6th place, but the practice says that this is not for long.

How to get the address of wallet for Monero buy

Before proceeding to purchase Monero’s crypto currency, you need to acquire a purse for its storage. In this regard, the views of the community are divided. Some users prefer to store XMR coins on specialized purses, such as Crypto. The second part, use embroidering wallets into Monero exchange.

Here you have to make your own choice, but we prefer to store crypto currency at the Binance exchange, since besides the safety of the funds, you can earn here by raising and lowering the rate of the Crypto-currency. In both cases, to get your XMR address, you need to go to the tab of this crypto currency on the resource, and find the “GET” button. Clicking on it, the number or address of your wallet will open before you. Copy it, because it is useful for you when converting funds through the exchanger.

Ways to buy Monero: Monero value

Unlike most crypto currencies, which are based on the ERC 20 protocol, Monero crypto currency is a self-sufficient unit. This is indicated not only by the fact that it has more than $ 2 billion of capitalization, but also that it can be bought directly through the exchanger for Fiat or other crypto currency. In addition to this option, you can purchase coins XMR:

  • for Fiat on the EXMO exchange, which can be replenished with fiat money;
  • for a crypt on the Binance exchange, having previously purchased Tether or BTC through an exchanger.

Monero news. Mining of this cryptocurrency: Monero pool

And you wonder how these coins are extracted? We can say that the principle has not been changed. At the moment we have several opportunities for use Monero mining pool:

  • Normal. To do this, you can use the PC.
  • Profitable: mining with a video card.

Practice shows that there are not many cloud-based services with this currency’s mining, so bright advertising and all calls for investment are not our way. So, to start the booty, we just need to download only two files from the official website of the company, install them on the computer and start active operations. Do not forget, at the same time, to perform backup data more often, because there is still no perfect software, so it may be insulting if you lose the keys to a couple thousand Monero coins.

Monero price prediction

Short-term outlook: the most likely continuation of the upward movement with the prospect of pullback within a week and a half, after the release of the MonterV fork (April 30, 2018) is most likely. Therefore, the best time to buy can be considered the second decade of May.

Medium-term perspective: by September 2018, the growth of the XMR course with the introduction of BulletProof protocols is likely, the results of the Global Blockchain Congress, which are likely to be presented with technical details of the planned improvements, can significantly influence Monero price chart.

Long-term perspective: like any other crypto currency, Monero is experiencing risks associated with the external news background, reliability and resistance to breaking used technical solutions. On both counts Monero looks better than competitors: prohibitions of regulators do not lead to a huge decrease in available computing capacities for mining, and the reliability of cryptographic algorithms is confirmed by studies of specialists from the largest universities that planned to identify the vulnerabilities of the anonymous transaction system, but did not achieve the task.